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Kaolin is a kind of clay (which is also known as China Clay) derived from granitic rocks. In its chemical composition, there are alumina silicate (Al2Si2O5(OH)4), free silica (SiO2), and some impurities. It is used in ceramics, sanitaryware, porcelain, cement, paper, paste, paint, rubber etc. as filler.

The biggest hydrothermal kaolin deposits are in Düvertepe/Balıkesir region in Turkey. The silica content of kaolin is changing between 43-72%, while alumina content is changing between 15-38% in that region.

As ZaferMaden, we have our own kaolin deposits in Düvertepe region in Turkey. From our deposits, we supply different qualities and sizes of kaolin to ceramics tiles, sanitaryware, white cement, grey cement, tableware ceramics, rubber, filler, paint and agriculture industries. All production from these heterogeneous deposits are carefully tested and analyzed in our chemical (XRF) and physical laboratory by our team of specialists. We have been supplying kaolin in different chemical and physical compositions and based on our both national and foreign customers’ needs.

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"Since 1998"
Our Purpose and Goal
  • Our company, whose main field of activity is mining, was founded on 10.03.1998 by Mining Engineer Zafer TEMEL. In 2000, our first business was opened in Çanakkale Bayramiç, and Feldspar production and export started in the same year. In 2001, our Kaolin business started operating in Balıkesir Sındırgı region. Our activities in these businesses still continue to grow every year.

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